Love is like this…

Today I read an article from Newspaper… I learned something new in the article…


Love is like you pick sea-shell at the beach… Is doesn’t matter on the size, or how it look like, when you think you found the suitable one, you will bring back home and keep it nicely… and be sure that you’ll never go back to beach for another sea shell…

Love is something similar, when we decide to be together with someone, no matter how he/she look like, how is the attitude, when you think he/she is the “one in your life” then you have to keep this thinking forever…

I know this is difficult, even myself also can’t practice this theory, but I’ll try from now onwards…

5 Responses to “Love is like this…”

  1. ifonlyi Says:

    i feel luv is like a morning dew, pure n clear, it u try too capture it, u won’t ve anything in ur hands but the touch of it ll always be in ur heart n ll reach ur soul doesn’t matter either u ve it or not.vut i personally feel if their’s no acheing or pain that their’s no luv.

  2. DSvT Says:

    Yes, agreed!

  3. simonesu Says:

    To love someone..First u have to love not come from appearance but from the heart ..Love is likes destiny that u have to fight for its and be loved by the both hand not only the other side of the hand 🙂

  4. DSvT Says:

    Agreed.To love or not to love is mainly decided by ourself…

  5. güvenlik kamera Says:

    Love is different person to persons

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