My mum is sick!

My advice…

Do not wait to show your love to someone you love when there are plenty of time! I love my mum very much and I told her everyday… Now she suddenly sick, doctor request her to stay at hospital for details med. check-up… All happen suddenly, I’m lucky that my mum is doing fine now… Just a normal med. check up will do…

But for many other cases, not everyone will have the same lucky situation with me, understand?


6 Responses to “My mum is sick!”

  1. pegasus Says:

    thank god she is fine now 🙂
    what had happened?

  2. DSvT Says:

    Dunno yet… doc. nvr speak anything other than “she’s fine,dun worry…”

  3. pegasus Says:

    then believe him 🙂 and pray for your mom.. everything will be up

  4. DSvT Says:

    Apo then, I’m not doc. I only can trust him… If he make wrong judgment or treatment, I will make him suffer…jk…

    Of course, My family and I pray hard for my mum… She will be ok soon, today, she’s getting better already…

  5. DSvT Says:

    Oh… To whom might concern…

    My mum had been discharged from the hospital on Wed.
    Thanks god!

  6. pegasus Says:

    great news 🙂

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