Love, what’s wrong?

Love is an ability which created inside of each individual living creature (including human being)… In “love” we don’t consider race,religion,education background and else things… We love our love-one because we love them, that’s simple…

We love our family, we love our friends, we love our colleague, we even love every stranger we met on the street… Love, we give it out without thinking twice, no selfish, no charges…

Maybe many of you might think, love a person is so simple and so easy… why I need to write something to tell what you already knew? Yes, maybe most of you have plenty of LOVE experience, maybe more than 1… but I would like to tell you, in real life, there isnt love story like “Shrek”… people who belong to differ culture, religion, races sometime will be prohibited to love each other…

I come across a blog’s post from someone – POST… A very sad story to tell or to see… You might say to yourself, “how lucky I am…”


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