Jokes – Chinese discover New land??

[this story being told with using broken english… enjoy!]

Last time… you know… China was the inventor of compass but because back then…the Chinese had this non expansionist policy… they didn’t go out far to venture venture because of this policy… and someone heard that Chinese got compass… in order to navigate properly… use compass better lah than looking at stars… … when raining that time… cant see direction? at least with compass… raining time also can refer mah

so this someone goto China… went to Canton port and bought some compasses and got a crew of Cantonese sailors to help him sail ard the world…

then they sailed lor… sail sail sail for months… … no land… and water and food also running out… one day… someone was peeking thru his telescope and he saw a small slump of black mass in a distance… voila!!! land!!!

and someone called out to a Chinese sailor standing next to him and say “hey you… come here… see!!” to get a double confirmation of the land mass… as he wasn’t sure whether it was real or a sea mirage… he Chinese sailor peered through the telescope… and saw the black land mass… and he said “Ah… meh lei kah?” (“ah… what is this” in chinese language)

The last part is the most funny one…
and that’s how someone named it as “Ah mei lei Ka”… Guess what?

– It taken from a forwarded email. It is just a joke..


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