Politics, Government, People, Working class and Future!

I don’t have a lot of thinking/idea on 5 items stated in the subject… For me…

Politics – Is an adult games, just like monopoly we play during our childhood…

Government – Something related with politics, but it can be independent or dependent too… It always follow the wind direction…

People and working class – For me is not much different, they work, eat, rest without thinking what had happened surrounding them… They don’t pay much attention to neither politics or government…

Future – Is something haven’t come yet… Not much I can say…

But, someone has something to say about these 5 items, I read this story few years ago and I found it again here… I think you all should love this story, it reflect our real life story of the 5 items…


2 Responses to “Politics, Government, People, Working class and Future!”

  1. Quyen Says:

    i like it 🙂

  2. DSvT Says:

    Glad that you like it…

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