Ass Holes?

Assholes? I think many people will think something funny/dirty when they come across this title… Yes, everybody will have their own, but why everyone found so special when they saw this title? I just want to say “Different People, Different Thinking“…

Human being was created based on one standard, everybody will have a pair of eyes, nose, a pair of ears, mouth, body, legs and hands… But god gives every individual a different soul/spirit. People think different between each other. When people come to a subject/fact, there are many different ideas/understanding on that subject/fact. Some might think at the positive side, some think at the negative way. And maybe some might think it is just not important at all. Just a simple subject/fact will lead to never ending thinking/conclusion/understanding…

For example:
A statement : What is ant?

Positive thinking : An ant is a hard working creature, their never stop working 24.7…
Negative thinking : An ant is a small/tiny creature, they’re weak and too many of them might disturb our daily activities…
Alternative thinking : I don’t give a damn on this.

See, there are different answer to a same question. Sometime when we try hard to explain something to someone, people just don’t understand your explanation, that isn’t your fault. Is the way that the people who listen to you have the different thinking, and in his/her mind have the different evaluation of your explaination. Don’t try hard to make them think the same way with you, it doesn’t work for all, sometime you will get bad respond if you do so…

Just like the title of my post, people might click here for some purpose… I can say different reader have different intention. But, I do wish to share with you some Assholes story which related to “People Think differently“…

You’ll like this funny story which I pick from E-Nagar’s blog : Buhba’s Assholes

[Transferred from Life beside the edge]


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