I think I’d write something for today. 39.3°C was my body temperature for today. No doubt that I’m sick >> High Fever…

I never reach until this temp. before. My record in the hospital for fever temp. was around 37.0~37.4°C only. I don’t know why all of sudden the fever strike me. I can’t do anything even walk this morning, I had the terrible body ache… After the doctor gave me some med. injection, all the body ache vanish slowly…

Human being is so weak, we always think that we are the greatest among all the living creature, but we break down when we’re sick. We can’t do anything when we fall sick, even to walk is the most difficult thing for a patient. When we are sick, we need support, support from others, from our love one… we need moral support from others… When we are sick, our mind is so weak, we’ll think a lot of unnecessary things… we tend to think negative side while we’re sick… that why, so many people commit suicide when they’re sick. So, the one who stand beside you need to bring you back to the track, preventing you from the negative thinking…

I’m lucky that my dear is around me while I’m sick.


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