I wish I can do something for you…

:: I wish I can do something for you!

I always have a thinking of helping other is my responsibility for this life. I born in a average family, I have my wonderful childhood time… I always seem to be very lucky in everything I had done so far,my family, my studies, my relationship and my career. I think god really look after me all this while.

I always pray that if possible, please take away all the ugly part of the world from us. I think this is not the initial intention of making human, I think god don’t wish to see everyone of us suffering with all kind of problem, hazard… But I think god had listened to our prayer, HE let everyone of us have own life in peace (I don’t wish the WW3 to come)…

When I saw some family struggling, I really wish I have the ability to help, I wish I can help them with what I have… But, I still lack of the courage, ability to help anyone who faced problem at this moment… All I can do now, is to help other with my knowledge which I learned from the books, give advice to others who faced relationship problem… Currently my 1st priority is to take care my dearest parent.

Do you have the same thinking like me?

2 Responses to “I wish I can do something for you…”

  1. threestrongcoffees Says:

    Partly yes. There are places where we lose hope. Helping others sometimes works and sometimes it back-fires. I agree with you completely on helping people with the knowledge one has. I have been doing this in my school, in college and am still doing it in my job. The boundary for me is restricted to this as I spend more than 3/4 of the day in office. I guess it is time for me to broaden my horizons.

  2. DSvT Says:

    We do need to widen our own horizon then only can offer helps to others. Most of the people faced the Financial problem and that isn’t easy to offer helps. Just wish I got that ability to help…

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