HEPM Bowling Session (part #1)

HEPM (Hitachi Electronic Product Malaysia) held a Bowling Tournament’07 at Mines Superbowl, Serdang, Malaysia on 05.May’07 (Morning).

We book all the 28 lanes, and everyone enjoy this event very much! I got very low mark for today, I only got total mark 274 for 3 games. haha… I think many of you should simply get this mark in a game, right? hahaha…

For me, participate in this event is to gain/build relationship between friends/colleague… We always work under very high pressure, and this is the time we can stick together, play games without harsh feeling. Everyone is a hero this morning.

Actually, yesterday night is the Bowling Tournament for Acument Malaysia, my dear work in this company. Their General Manager join them in the tournament, and this is a very good way to let everyone to know that their high management actually is taking care of them.

I think everyone need some rest and break once in a while. I’m gay today!

p/s: I will post the pictures once I got time to upload it.


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