Promise we make for…

Promise is something that we told to someone that we will do it, we committed todo something we wish to do for them…  Promise created when there is someone willing to do it and someone willing to wait and see the result. Without 2 or more parties, there isn’t any promise. We promise to do something because we wish to let someone to know, we keep our words on some issue…

Sometime, I think I do make a lot of promises to many people. I try very hard to keep every single of them… Hope that I may keep my words… I do wish people do the same to me, but they always fail me on that… Dunno why? Just don’t understand why they can’t keep very basic rule of promise?

Do you make any promise which You can’t make/keep it?


3 Responses to “Promise we make for…”

  1. anapires Says:

    I always try to keep my promises. If I know there’s a chance I might not be able to, then I don’t make the promise in the first place.

    It’s terrible when you keep your word, and the people who you call friends don’t. It’s like you’re not important enough for them to care and do what they compromise to do… I’ve learned to memorize who those people are and just… not care too.

  2. skywindows Says:

    I have always been one to keep promises, but life circumstances made me have to break two…

    1. I had to break my marriage vows (promises) to my first husband when I found out he was having a gay affair…(of course I guess that means he broke it first right?)

    2. I told my kids that I would keep them safe always. I didn’t know there was cancer growing within my daughter that I couldn’t keep her safe from…

  3. DSvT Says:

    Anapires: Yes, I agreed with you. The one we expect them to keep the promise, they don’t… They always told us that we’re important to them, but they act opposite…

    Tina: Emmm, both of issues… That isn’t your fault to break the promises. Think positively that:
    Case 1: If you didn’t break any promise in that case, you keep your promise to marry him, keep the promise to take care him, and lastly you keep the promise to divorce with him…
    Case 2: You still keep the promise of keep them safe, they are safe under your shelter. That’s a test from god on her, but she is doing well under your care!
    SEE… there aren’t any promises you had been broke.

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