What is the meaning of work Life?

What is the point of working hard?
Work hard doesnt equal to the result…
Is same happen when you love someone…

I goto work everyday 6:30AM and sit in front of my computer at 7:15AM, 2minute (computer start up) I’ll start to work… And at the same time, a lot of work will appear in front of me… Many email will slip into my Outlook MailBox… I always got tonnes of email to read and reply from all over the world…

Yet, my boss is not satisfy on my work, He always keep on nagging on my work… this and that… I wonder why he like to disturb me, and yet I’m the only one can finish work on time for him… Some colleague said that is a sign of “take care of”… Hahaha… Thank you, I appreciate it if you leave me alone doing my job quiet and peacefully…

In love issue, same problem arise…Even put 100% or more into a relationship, our partner won’t appreciate it also… They still think you might do something behind them, or keep secret from them… Try to be the best among others, but in return, receive some words such like:
“yes meh?”
“Oh… ok alright”
“I’m so hurt”
“you’re so bad”
Yes, sometime I make some mistake… Human tend to make mistake, there isn’t any saint on earth… Show me if you found one…
Just wish to be together in a harmony situation, without fighting, without quarrelling… Just 2 people, that’s all… A simple little hope, yet can’t be completed… What else I can request now?
I do not have any religion basically… I grews up in a christian family but I believe in 1 god… the one who speak different languague in differ place and that why there are so many differ religion in this world… I do not know my thinking is correct or not, but I do believe in god, He created everything included universe… And I always talk with him, in order to get advise from him in daily activities, work or others issue… Many had been answered, some still lay on the waiting list…

May my day after today will be a better day!


8 Responses to “What is the meaning of work Life?”

  1. liping Says:


  2. liping Says:

    hehe…..u are so hard for work…
    relax…relax…and relax^^

  3. pegasus Says:

    we work because it gives us an identity… something to look forward to when we wake up in the morning.

  4. DSvT Says:

    I got the identity, I love the status work provide me… At the same time, it provide me many subsidiary items called “Tension”, “Pressure” and etc…

    But I still love my job as R&D Engineer very much…

  5. pegasus Says:

    stress, tension, shear, compression and torsion…. u will need all of that as an engineer. isn’t it?

  6. DSvT Says:

    I mean the mental stress, tension and pressure… not that I use in my calculation…

  7. pegasus Says:

    i was trying to be funny…. but never mind

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