My friendster Account, My Blogs

I got my 1st friendster account in year 2003, It started when my friend invite me to join during my college time… Then I getting new friend from my friend’s friend (2nd degree friends)… and my friendster account grows big… 

Previously, my first experience for BLOG started from Friendster… Before that, I tried to make some personal website by my own, but failed (mainly due to laziness, haha)…

I come to know about “blogging” from friendster, when everyone started to set-up their friendster’s blog… I started to read my friends’ blog, some of them treat it as E-dairy, some treat it as their own newspaper (they do alot of writing regarding world news, celebrities, etc…) So, I also started my friendster blog on year 2005 (I had deleted that friendster account due to some unforeseen problem) re set-up new friendster account again on Nov’06… Click here

The blog title is “A/A” Stand for the name of 2 persons… I take down all my feeling at there, my happy & sad moment… I started to find that people actually like to read my posts, and I think I should start my blog else way for better access to public…

So, I start my blog at with the name “闲人堂” (in english meaning “free man place”), I start to write something in there, but the result isn’t that good… At the same time, I faced Love problem, then I created another Blog at, named “我有话要说” (in english meaning “I got something to say”), at here I write down all my problem in love, my mistake, my lesson learned, my everything… (this is an active blog of mine, unfortunately it is in Chinese, Mandrin)

I also try to create some blog at and MSN space… but the setting is too complicated, not flexible & not user friendly… Then I found I started to read other blogger post before I created my own. I find that there are many good writer in… such as Sky Window, Chry1, Living in his grace, Dylan jones & Juggling Cats… I learned a lot from their’s posts…

Finally I start mine in on Aug’06… I created Life Beside the Edge… And I put my roommate favourite quote in my blog description…

Maybe I’m alone, but I’m not lonely

I love this quote very much… I get to know many friends in and without them, I will loose my momentum to continue writing at here, Thanks all of you!

I think this should be my brief history of blogging…


4 Responses to “My friendster Account, My Blogs”

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