Holiday without you = Meaningless holiday (boring vacation)

Last Firday night/saturday morning, Alone (together with friends,but without you consider alone) at Genting Highland is meaningless. Enter Casino to seek some excitement, but at the end, make myself feel much more boring. Had been a week, I feel this kind of condition. My life like wearing sleeping wonder glass, wondering around without direction, without future…

I falls sick again on saturday evening, I started to feel dizzy on friday night, getting worse on saturday evening. My head goes spinning and started to see many stars infront of me… I sleep for the whole night, and continue sleep for the whole sunday morning > afternoon > evening. Eventhough, the is a church gathering at my house on sunday night, I also not able to join them…

Even until today, this moment… My condition is still not well yet. My condition like a pregnant women, feel like want to vomit all the time… Hahaha…

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