Think Positive

People should always have the positive thinking all the time. When we think positive, there are always hope in life. My daddy always ask me to think positive when I faced problem at work. He always tell me this “There are much more thing you need to do, don’t waste your time at this point, ok?”

I got a friend named Kala. Her husband passed away 1/2 year ago, somebody killed her husband (cause unknown). I saw her today, she is ok, maybe I should say “She is just as happy as previous”. I’m glad that she can recover from the issue. Thanks god.

We really should think positive all the time. Life will be more wonderful and colorful if we think on the bright side. There is a saying “When there is a will, there is a way”. This is true, when we only think on the negative side, we can’t see the solution eventhough it is infront of us. On the other side, if we think on the bright side, we will always found we actaully can solve the problem within a very short time.

So, friend… Let’s start think positive from today onwards.


3 Responses to “Think Positive”

  1. Simply Successful Secrets - Meme « Life beside the edge Says:

    […] 4. Think positive – People need to think positive all the time, if we think negative, the negative result will come out. Detail refer to here […]

  2. medical assistant schools Says:

    I love catching up on here, you’re truly a gifted author.

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