” Lazy? I’m not lazy, I just refuse to do it, that’s all” – by DSvT (1980 ~ )

How many hours, how many days? My time just slipping away… I don’t know what to do daily, I wake up, goto work, go back home, watch TV, then sleep… Repeat*

What is the purpose of life? Why I feel so pointless? A lot of thing happened, I heard, I know, but I just don’t want to give a damn on it. I know I should help, and maybe I might solve the problem as well, I just don’t know why I need to do so? I never face this kind of situation before, life without direction, just like a kite without a string… fly and don’t know when can stop and landing…

Sitting at my office, I’m watching others who full of hope, direction, they know what they want, what they need to do the next… Maybe I should ask them “Do you what you’re doing now?”, I don’t know how many people can answer this question, but for me, I don’t have the answer for it.

“Am I tired?”, Maybe yes. I had been working for 4 year after grad… Review my achievement, basically I do not achieve any great result…

“I getting paid for doing nothing?” Nope, I got hell a lot task to do daily, Multi task is a common word in Japanese company… Maybe I being trained to become superman, I solve all the problem within short time and then feel emptiness after that…

As Gemini, I always look for new experience… but now, I’m statics, not moving at all, so lazy… I just refuse to accept new things, reject alll new friends, items and started to lock myself and hide from everyone…

Emmm… Why I still writing at here… ironic..


2 Responses to “Laziness”

  1. mats Says:

    being a gemini myself… i say, what you said were true…
    we’re all in search for new experience, but once we feel so lazy, that’s it!

  2. DSvT Says:

    Haha… Is true… Nice to meet ya…

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