Love & Selfish

Love – caring toward a person/item
Selfish – concern primarily to own/one’s interest

Love can be selfish. We love 1 person and we hope the person only love us alone. This is a normal practise. In a relationship, there should be a world of “us”, “we” and not “I” or “you”. Individual thinking is appreciated but not meaning you can act alone without concern your partner’s feeling. I think in a relationship, we should act after we consider the benefit of both party. We can’t act alone anymore when we have our girl/boy friend. We should discuss with them and get the consensus, then only we can complete the task without any conflix.

I think there are some item we need to consider before we actually start to do the thing we wanted to do…

1. Purpose of act –
(i) Is there any benefit for us & our partner?
(ii) Is there any side effect of the action?
(iii) Do our partner agree on the idea?
(iv) Is it a necessity to carry out the action?
We should consider the purpose of the thing we wanted todo. If we do not know why we want to do something, we should discuss it with our friend.

2. Result of act – This is the most important thing we need to consider before we take any action. One of my friend break-up with her girl-friend (4 yrs relationship) due to some silly mistake he make in investment (without prior inform). Some action give good result, some give the opposite. We always need to do some self measuring, which item is more important, and which is not. We we started something, we need to accept the result of it, no matter is good or bad.

I got an example here. My friend, Jordan love his girl-friend (Anne) very much. Jordan always seek the best way to take care Anne. Anne always told to her friends that she is lucky to have Jordan as boyfriend. Their relationship carry on for 9 years. But the truth is, Anne always do thing without prior inform to Jordan, and always came up bad result. Jordan always forgive her and always ask her to discuss with him before take any action. I don’t know whether is Anne don’t want to follow Jordan advise or actually she think she do not need any advise on her decision. Anne still act the same way. I always asked Jordan on this when I went out with him. I know Jordan love Anne very much, he keep on accept all her act so far. But in my mind, Jordan is suffering and struggling, and how long he can accept all this?

So, how you treat your partner? Please treat them well, they love you, they act the best to take care you, and what you have do to show your appreciation to them? Let’s think about it.


2 Responses to “Love & Selfish”

  1. Dylan Says:

    Thank you for your nice tip & link.

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