Mistake in Movie??

I like hong kong movie very much. They make good movies with good story line. Recently my friend sent me some photo shows some movie have some silly mistake. I don’t know it is true or not, because I never goto double confirm it. I choose 3 of the photos to share with all of you.

1. In the movie, the guy propose to the girl in 1983. Please look at the cinema poster (pointed by blue arrow), is “Harry Potter 2: The Secret Chamber”. Wow, the movie already show in HK cinema in 1983?


2. In HK famous fire fighting movie, please look at the motorcyclist helmet, it changed from the photo no. 2 to photo no.3. So fast…


3. An old story film in China – Forbidden City, I wonder the air-con had been created at that time. (please look at the upper right hand corner).


Is funny to have these kind of mistake in a good movie, even for other country movie, they do make some mistake too. If you have the same experience, kindly share with me.

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