Warcraft – Frozen Zone

I can’t imagine that I had been practise for War-craft:Frozen Zone – Dota Allstar for the whole morning. Last friday, I goto cyber with all my colleagues, My team lost in the Dota allstar map. For me, I’m first time play with the map, wow… is really great to have only 1 hero to control and fight with others… unfortunately, my teammate and me is new to this style of game, we lost at the end. But I think with the practise of this morning, we might win the match for the next next week gathering.

Sometime, people might think, a 27 yrs old enigneer playing cyber game is kinda funny. I think this is the best way for me to release my work pressure and tension. I love to play games, no matter pc games or ps1, ps2 or else…

Emmm… next week friday will be the Genting highland night. We will spend our night in Genting’s casino, hopefully we don’t lose money in there… hehehe…


11 Responses to “Warcraft – Frozen Zone”

  1. feistymickaela Says:

    Hi. I’m a female, an engineer too, just turned 27 and I can play til the wee hours in the morning not only for the same reason but also because i’m an escapist.

    My female friends find it immature. 🙂

  2. DSvT Says:

    Basically Engineer playing cyber is nothing wrong about… and not immature too… Some games play need to think also,more tension then work…

  3. 4x4 Philippines Says:

    I just turned 28 and I also can play till the sun rises, though I’m more an FPS guy (SWAT4)

  4. cjwhai Says:

    So…..when we all ownage each other ?
    What i can said is Alan is the truth hero during his first Dota game……Bcoz he rush to fight 3 opponent heros without caring the tower attacking his hero…….lol
    (HEPM-Kia) Guess Who…..agagaga

  5. DSvT Says:

    I’m trying to seek for the way to break thru… I just don’t know where is all my alliances go? I’m fighting alone there… Finally, died…

    Tomorrow night, cyber games cancelled, change to Genting trip.

  6. Vincent Says:

    I am 27 and started playing WW3 frozen throne 3 weeks ago. I’ve been hooked on it ever since. Am getting experience on controlling 3 heros and able upgrade them to level 10 in every game.

    I’m a financial accountant who works in a bank. I find it it’s pretty relaxing to mark aournd with this game. However, am loosing track with socialising with gf and other friends..

  7. ray Says:

    take a break

  8. Bob@ Warcraft Says:

    I’m 51 and also an engineer. I think that online games are great!
    I’ve been reading your comments and see a common issue. You are trying to learn the game as you play. Have you tried getting a guide to help you through the game??? It would be a valuable asset and you would increade your understanding of the realm, the game and how to level up to increase your enjoyment!!

  9. iceman Says:

    i love DotA it is so awesome game 😉

  10. güvenlik kamera Says:

    I want to play, but I do not know the game. I need to practice.

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