My Friday

“The end of this story is the begining of another new book” – DSvT (1980~ )

23/March (Friday),

Something happened, it lead to some changes, but is a good sign, Thanks god! I know I should make this decision longtime ago, finally I make up my mind and make clear everything now. I feel kinda relief after I solve this issue… I don’t know whether my decision is right or wrong, but at least others will feel happier (except me)…

I need sometime to restructure myself. There are many things todo now, many things need to be make clear. A lot of memories in my brain need to be store and back-up, then keep into the forbidden section of brain (hopefully nobody will call out this afterward)…

I goto play cyber game with my friends that evening, but my mind can’t concerntrate on the game play, I even can not focus myself to the screen (I score the worst among others). I went back home at 1:30am (24/March Saturday)…

She already slept that time, I looks at her, she sleep so peacefully, so innocent… I just want to say “I’m sorry, dear.”

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