Wow… Another naked picture of my friend…

“My friend accidently post the naked photo at world wide web, she don’t know how to recall all the photo now.”

Sorry, there isn’t any photo in here, and I would not post any porn photo at my own blog too. I just wondering how many people will be attracted by the title “Wow… Another naked picture of my friend…”. Is funny that some people is actually looking for this kind of subject… What so interesting about other people naked picture?

Sorry, Maybe you accidently click on this link or else. Anyway, Thank for visiting my blog. Hopefully you can help me with the question below,

Why are you here?

<a> I want to know is photo of a girl or boy

<b> I want to see some naked picture

<c> I click it because the subject is interesting

<d> I just surf around,unintentionally click this link

<e> Yes, I love to see other people naked

<f> I don’t know


11 Responses to “Wow… Another naked picture of my friend…”

  1. cheryl Says:

    huh it’s the dumbest thing to put your nude pictures… or i should say even have it taken and show it to another person

  2. skywindows Says:

    g: because I regularly read your blog. But great catch line.

    I wrote a post about Blog Teases a while back. You have officially joined the Blog Tease club.


  3. DSvT Says:

    skywindows: thanks for “regularly visit” to my blog.

  4. Blog Tease Award « Sky Windows Says:

    […] beside the edge for this post which is a perfect example of a blog tease…and which got me thinking about making the blog […]

  5. Suprise! « Life beside the edge Says:

    […] The post which get this award is Wow… Another naked picture of my friend… […]

  6. Jagadish Says:

    (h) from the blogtease awards page of skywindows.

  7. rick mobbs Says:

    the title caught my eye…

  8. DSvT Says:

    Hahaha… That’s my purpose of writing this post…

  9. kolektor telanjang Says:

    haha…it was impressed me before…

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