Life Made Simple

英文名:《Life Made Simple》


阿旺 ” Wong ” is a retarded young happy man. His father left he mother and him longtime ago. “Life Made Simple” is a story of him and his friends. In his eyes, the world is so beautiful, so peaceful. He always say “There is hope if we believe it.” I learned a lot of thing from this movie.

We always complaint about our life, our work & etc… We always want to have more and more for our self. We always work hard for all materialistic items. Even when we obtained most of them, we yet feel not enough. That why we non stop working for that… We only know we want it, but we never consider that the thing we want is a necessity or not.

But in “Wong” mind, he have a very simple life, normal work, he feel happy with it. And this is actually what everyone need. Some people wish to have a big, luxury car, a beautiful girl-friend/wife, beautiful big house, etc… But, do we need all these things for our daily basic requirement? We don’t need it. We only need a shelter (house) and food is enough. Why we still insist of all the things that we don’t actually need? All the answer can be found in “Life Made Simple”.

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