I’m sick

21/March (Morning)

I’m sick (high fever). High fever is one of my best friend, it visit me every few months. I go to the panel clinic to obtain the MC, inform my boss by SMS, and then straight away went home. I sleep after take the medicine. I’m so sick till I sleep for the whole day except the time for lunch/dinner & eat medicine.

22/March (Morning)

I’m in my own office doing my daily job (reading yesterday emails). I’m ok now, yesterday I almost sleep for the whole damn day.

I’m waiting for her call for the whole day (yesterday), she never call me. Day before yesterday (20/March), she inform me by SMS that she will went out for dinner with supplier (discussion) and will inform me once reached home. But she failed to do that, I don’t know why? Even Agnes asks me about this, I also don’t know how to answer it.

Where are you now? Can anyone tell me why I should be the one who call her all the time?


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