Love Need no reason

I think most of the people always ask their partner about the reason to love them, especially the female group. I hate to hear this kind of question. I think my girl-friend asked me once, My answer is “If I can find a reason to love you, then that is the reason I leave you later on”. After that she never ask me on the same question again. I love her very very much, but if you ask me why, I definately can not answer you. I also don’t know why I can love a girl for such a long period (1998~now). Love really can’t explain, many things regarding love is unknown. We don’t know when it start, we also don’t know when it going to be ended. It start naturally, and it fade away without letting you know…

So, I come across a post which title is Love Needs No Reason. I found it meaningful. I think people who in love at this moment should free sometime to read this. It help!

2 Responses to “Love Need no reason”

  1. imogen Says:

    hi! thanks for visiting my blog and posting a link to “Love Needs No Reason”. Isn’t it meaningful? I love the message. Love definitely needs no reason. If you want we can exchange links. Link my blog: and I’ll link yours too. Ciao!

  2. dylanjones Says:

    It reminds me of a song by the band ‘The House of Love’ back in 1989, titled ‘I don’t know why I love you’. Next to being a musically brilliant song – for the indie rock amateur – its title meant so much to me at the time. I remember being out in a club with friends whilst it was playing and saying, ‘That’s so true, when you love someone, you don’t know why’s that, and what do you care?!?’
    I think you were very sharp in your answer to your girlfriend. Loving is feeling, and when one starts analysing it too much, one ruins it – possibly.

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