Catherine write something about Darkness (beauty-is-hidden-in-the-midst-of-any-darkness-try-to-find-it)

I think is meaningful, if there is no light, we never know about darkness. For me, I like to turn off all the light at home while I’m in-process of mind restructuring. Darkness make my soul feel peace. Maybe some of you might think that how come darkness gives peaceful image? But is true, I think you should try it yourself, at least once…

In dark (without any single light) condition, you can ask to yourself, all kind of question which you are shy to ask when there is light. Listen to your heart, concerntrate, you may know what is your heart wish to do. In darkness, even you may not see anything in front of you, but you can clearly see the person you love by the eye of your mind. You only can see 1 person at that time, the person which you care/love the most.

I love darkness, I love to listen music with the light off. I love todo a lot of things in the dark.


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