Love = Sex = Friend ?!

We can have love other people without considering other things, such like age, their appearance (their looks), their back-ground, their education level, etc…We love them by what they’re. We love them at the moment we found love, no matter what had happened previously and no matter what will happen later… No question needed, just love.

My friend, he love a women for few years and he broke up with her lately. He say he love her very very much. I can feel it from what he told me past few days. The only thing that I can say to him is “there isn’t a need to be sad, important thing is, when the moment you two be together, both of you truthly love each other, then no regret” People meet with new friend from time to time, it is normal.

My another friend (female) ask me that her boyfriend make love with her, and she is not sure that the boy love her or not? She think the boy love her. I only say “for male, they make love with female without considering love or don’t” Is difficult to put this as a standard of “love”. SEX activities can be carry out without love effect. So, do not think that a boy willing to have sex with you is because he love you.

When there is love and sex in place, I think there is no “friend” anymore… Think about it!


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