Drunk = Forget?

Drunk —adj. 1 lacking control from drinking alcohol. 2 (often foll. by with) overcome with joy, success, power, etc. —n. person who is drunk, esp. habitually. [past part. of *drink]

Forget v. (forgetting; past forgot; past part. forgotten or US forgot) 1 (often foll. by about) lose remembrance of; not remember. 2 neglect or overlook. 3 cease to think of.  forget oneself 1 act without dignity. 2 act selflessly.  forgettable adj. [Old English]

Based on Oxford dictionary we have the both words meanind as above.

But it doesn’t show equal to each other. I don’t think have any formula can show the equation.

Sometime, people drink because they’re happy. But most of the time, people tend to drunk themselve to forget something during the sad moment. They just think, they won’t think about the problem when they’re drunk. They don’t know that when they’re drunk, they might put themselve into a very dangerous situation (especially for girl)… World today is dangerous. Normally, we drink and drink til drunk, we’ll temperory forget all the problem. but when we wake up from drunk, our head will like wanna explode (headache…), and all the problem come back instantly. We felt 2x depress compare to last night, then we drink again to forget it… keep on repeating the same activity until the end (someone wake us up)…

For my opinion, Drink liquor to forget problem/to settle problem is not a wise way. It only add-on problem to you. Imagine if you done something wrong after you had drunk, your life will be ruined. And you’ll feel guilty on what you had done. Maybe you will feel sorry for what you had done.

So, why drink liquor to make yourself suffer?

For problem solving, the best way is get advice from others (friends, colleague, teacher or relatives)… If they can’t give you any comment/advice, try to ask your parent. In this world, only our parent will answer our question seriously. Why? Because the’re the one who bring you to this world, their love toward you is much much more compare to others. They will try their ever best to solve your problem to make sure your life is happy.

So, friend, next time when you faced problem, put drink liquor as a last option for yourself, ok?

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