Chain Effect


Some issue may cause chain effect to everyone.

Yesterday I passed some photo to a friend (a), ask him not to pass the photo around, he said ok. Today, I obtained the photo from somebody in the same company. Then I ask him on this. He told me:

He (a) pass -> (b), (b) shared with (c), (c) ask her friend (d) to see. That why the photo being passing around from me to (d). When I knew this information, I have some gentle quarrelling with my friend (a). After that, (a) goto ask (b) why she pass to (c) & (d), then (b) goto ask (c) why (d) have the photo? (c) goto ask why (d) goto inform me about the photo issue.

See? this is so called chain effect…


2 Responses to “Chain Effect”

  1. cheryl Says:

    haha this sucks. lesson to learn: never pass things around if you really don’t want it to be seen, even if you pass it to only one person. and seriously digital photos are more at stake nowadays

  2. DSvT Says:

    Lesson Learned. Documents share is unsecure anymore.

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