Love in MSN…


Somebody have a idea to create a place where people around the world can contact each other if they have hotmail account (email address as login ID), the place “programme” is called MSN Messenger. Brilliant invention of time.

I like to use MSN Messenger, all my friend use msn after they shifted from ICQ. And I always get to know new friends in MSN.

Last year, 17 March 2006, I chat with a new friend in MSN Messenger. Few months of information, feeling sharing between us. I fall into her at last. (Story start… …)

After almost a year of relationship with her, We ended our relationship in MSN yesterday. I’m not sure that I can forget her totally or not? I also don’t know whether she will be there for me again or not? So many uncertainty, but she ended our relationship due to some promise issue (long story…)

My world was crumble down yesterday (Story end… …??)

2 Responses to “Love in MSN…”

  1. cheryl Says:

    oh i’m sorry to hear that… bet you have to be less addicted to MSN then. i’ve never met new friends on MSN tho =]

  2. DSvT Says:

    Maybe I should stay away from MSN…
    Something beautiful but ugly indeed.

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