Why I love you…

I love you because:

1. I love you.

2. I need you

3. I always think about you

4. I always dream about you

5. I wanna to be with you all the time

6. I wish to stay beside you whenever you face problem

7. I wish to stay beside you whenever you enjoys your life

8. I wish to share all the moment with you

9. You’re the key to my life

10. You’re the only 1 in this world which named “…..” and belong to me

11. You’re mine

12. Whenever I faced problem, I think of you.

13. Whenever I need help, you’re there…

14. I know you’re always there to wait for my call, no matter what time I call…

15. I know you’re still waiting my call, even though you’re fall as sleep…

16. I will wait for your call, and wouldn’t sleep before I hear your voice…

17. I will die without you

18. The world will be dark if you’re gone…

20. I’m the one you love…

Lastly, I love you because I got 20 reasons to love you…

Specially dedicated to Agnes


One Response to “Why I love you…”

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