Love is …

People said “Love is beautiful”… yeah… it is beautiful when it start, in-process, but ugly when it come to the end. So, can we re-correct it to “Love is ugly”?

Some say “Love is blind”, you never know when you fall in love, to whom you fall in love with? Many people can not figure out why she/he love their partner so much? they fall in love, they break up and yet they still dun know why they in love, and why they break-up then. If Love without consider age, appearance, back-ground & status… then love is blind. Yes, I agree.

For me, “Love is priceless”
1. Love come quietly, and it go away from us without any prior information.
2. Love hit you when you are not well prepare for it.
3. Love come to you twice a day, a month, a year… 24.7
4. Love, let you live in heaven, same time, it show you the hell
5. Love, let you become stronger, it let you vanish in split second too
6. Love come to you 1 in a time, you’re lucky, 2 in a time, you’re Doom
7. Love programme, meet > talk> care> love> together> jealousy> hate> kill (optional)> restarted
8. Love, there isn’t right ot wrong
9. Love, there isn’t me, alone
10. Love, everyone just refuse to wake-up from dream…

What is your love about?

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