My Hand


Hand is one of the most important part of our body, we use it to grab, to hold, to touch & to fight…For me the most important function of our hand, is create miracle, create happiness, create our own future…

People always says “our future is on our own hand!”… This is true, with a clever mind to think, but without action is meaningless. When the oppurtunity paasby, we need to grab it by ourself. Hand is consider as “action”, because it carry out the instruction of our mind, we think then we act.

I love my hand, I use it to hold a lot of things, especially my love-one…. But I got two hand…


2 Responses to “My Hand”

  1. sakib Says:

    yes…nice articles …keep it up…

  2. 回顾集 (Reviews) « 我说,你听,他认同 Says:

    […] 好奇心作怪 2. My Hand 3. Affectionate = Disloyal? 4. 池田大作图书馆 5. 痴情与负心 6. Love – What is Love? […]

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