Do I seek excuse for myself?

When problem happened, everyone is searching for the excuses for the mistake. Everyone is avoid to answer the question directly. Why we need answer anyway? Not all the things happened and have the answer for it. Yes, not all the cases. Some unexplainable things always happened around us.

1.    Maybe someone will just pass away suddenly, without any prior information…

2.    Suddenly everyone hate you (and you don’t know why)

3.    Suddenly you fall in love with someone (is fate?)

4.    Suddenly you in love with 2 person at 1 time (fate play a joke on you?)

5.    Suddenly you lose all the things belong to you (our life?)

6.   Fall sick

7.    depress

8.    Want to die (commit suicide?)

9.    Wish to have a second chance (from who?)

10.    Hope ever face the 9 items above.

I don’t know, also not clear. Am I seeking the excuses for myself now? All I had done, follow my will, I never regret it, never. I still say that I don’t meant for it.

What I actually want, myself also don’t know, not clear. I wish to inform you, but I had been search for the answer for few months, I drained my brain, yet no answer found.

I still think “Is this my excuses?”


3 Responses to “Do I seek excuse for myself?”

  1. Laura Says:

    i really like this entry, it really made me think. We always think that their should be a reason for things that happen, or we need an answer, but what if something just happens and there really is no clear answer….

  2. DSvT Says:

    Sometime, is good to live without answer. Live with full of question make us move forward, looking for the answer. When we moved, we forgot what we actually searching for…

  3. paxil Says:


    jo ykeucu

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