No care = careless?

“Why you no care your sub-ordinate’s work? because you’re careless people?” someone said.

“No Care” = Careless?

According to Oxford Dic.

careless  adj. 1 lacking care or attention. 2 unthinking, insensitive. 3 light-hearted. 4 (foll. by of) not concerned about.  carelessly adv. carelessness n.

According to my own definition,

“No Care” adj. do not bother, do not give a damn.

For me, If the people doesn’t care (no care) about something, he is intentionally doesn’t want to take care/bother the issue. He maybe refuse to take care or he maybe tired of taking care. If someone is doing his job and he missed out something in the process, that’s call careless. Maybe I’m wrong, correct me if you think so.


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