Brief history of handphone from DSvT

I just back from company dinner. In the dinner, we talked about handphone story. Then we review back all the handphone which we used before.

Motorola, Nokia, Ericsson, Sony, Sony Ericsson…

Most of my friend started to use handphone with the brand Nokia (3210, 8210… etc). For me, I have my 1st handphone during my college 1st year, Ericsson 768. I love that phone very much. It is small, light and with the flip cover. I use that phone until my 3rd year. Then I change to Nokia 3310, this phone have a bigger screen compare to my previous phone, with the blue back light (quite famous with the blue light at that time). But I do not use it for long period, then I change to Motorola E350. I hate all the complex function of this phone. I change handphone again after 6 months to Nokia 6610i (camera phone, my 1st camera phone).

I like to use this nokia phone mainly due to it can take picture. I give this phone to my girlfriend after a year (she lost her phone that time).Then I buy a new Sony Ericsson Walkman phone W550i. I love this phone, I love music, I carry music all the way I go… This year January, I brought the latest Walkman phone W850i with 1 giga byte memory sitck. Some time I wonder, which phone I will be purchase next… I’m planning to combine my PPC and handphone together.

I consider this is a brief evolution of DSvT handphone…


3 Responses to “Brief history of handphone from DSvT”

  1. Molly Moore Says:

    Camera phones are in great demand these days, i own at least two of them–.

  2. Mason Parker Says:

    camera phones are very convenient coz they can take picture and calls at the same time.”*

  3. Bath Screens  Says:

    camera phones are very popular coz everyon likes to take pictures’`’

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