A day off

Today I take medical leave due to toothache. But I still keep on receiving all the office calls, to check part status, part delivery, part design drawing & etc… Come on man, I’m MC today, not working, why you all ask me about the thing which I don’t know at all. I really think of switch off the cellphone (at last, I remain the cellphone on due to I need to wait for some important SMS from…… 😦 )

This morning, when I’m suffering the pain, I hope to call somebody to talk with, to took away my concerntration, to let me forget about the pain… I called, I SMS, no respone at all. I think I need to have some kind of satelite phone which can received any calls from any places (even at the middle of the ocean)… I missed someone very much.

Today, I’m free of work burden but I’m not happy at all. Yes, I’m not happy at all.

Count down for Valentine’s day : 2days


2 Responses to “A day off”

  1. Laura Says:

    awwww im sorry about your tooth ache. But im glad you have a certain someone to think about 🙂 thats always good 😉 it helps with the bad days.

  2. DSvT Says:


    Think of someone but can’t talk with her, is suffering. I just can’t concerntrate on my work due to this. Already the 2nd days without any respone from her.

    Hopefully everything is OK on her side.

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