Letter, email, sms, pager & call…

Letter – People use to write letter to others before the existence of EMAIL. Sometime, people still using letter as a media to contact people who stay far away or do not have any access to internet service. There some shy people like to write letter and send to the person that they admire/like, to confess, to love or to hate.

Email – The replacement of Letter for digital world. People like to send/read email from others. I think there are billion of emails  slip into others’ mailbox daily. I do not like to write email to my true friend, for me, email do not have soul & spirit. We can write anything without thik twice in email mainly due to it do not added any sincerity on it. I still prefer to receive a poor handwriting letter rather than the well edited email.

Sms – Short msg service, great invention of human kind, award winner! We can keep in touch with anyone in this world by having a handphone & a service provider (such as T-mobile, Vodafone, Orange, etc) I like to sms my love-one all the time. A simple msg of SMS might brighten a person for the whole day.

Pager – I never use this service before. I think it should appear before my time. I heard that there are some country is using this gadget now.

Call – Phone call. The most direct way of communication. We can hear their voice thru the device so call “Phone”.  I like to call my friend during my free time (actually not all the friends, just specific few person). Nowaday, Human created another kind of service so call “3G service”. We can see the person we called. Brilliant invention.

No matter what kind of communication method, I think the sincerity of communication must be in place. It so easy.


8 Responses to “Letter, email, sms, pager & call…”

  1. Laura Says:

    thank you for all your comments…
    Its nice to know that someone actually reads my entries.
    That makes me feel good 🙂 thanks.

  2. LetsNotTalk Says:

    One would think with so many methods of communication, we’d be able to talk to one another better. but alas, conversing with another isn’t always as easy as sending a message or picking up the phone.

    personally, i use more sms’s then actual minutes on my phone

  3. DSvT Says:

    SMS is the most convenience way to contact people.

  4. DSvT Says:

    Laura : Welcome. I browse thru everyone blogs and drop comment on the meaningful post.

  5. Staline Says:

    Sometime is hard to talk with someone, I go for SMS.

  6. Antonio Says:

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  7. Phentermine Says:

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