The End = Another beginning

04/Feb (Sunday) I met with a person (Nick : Roger) from Sokka Gakai Malaysia. We had some conversation from 3pm ~7pm. From the conversation, I had learned a lot from him. He is a really good teacher for me, and for everyone.

I learned about why we are greedy, cheating and angry sometime. Actually is kinda an easy theory about that, just that nobody inform me last time. Let me share some to you all,

We want to get more (GREEDY) 饿鬼界>> when we can not get more by normal method, then we wish to cheat other to get more (CHEATING) 畜牲界>>yet can not get more, we felt depress (ANGRY) 修罗界>> right after we calm down and think/analyze (NORMAL) >> found solution/mistake from ourself (CHEER) .

Actually, when we think about it, all the item above actually are our normal daily setting for our mind set. We just do not know why sometime we are so mad to someone, and why sometime we always demand others to provide more and more… Now, I understand in the teaching of Buddhism.

One more thing about his teaching is, he use simple account balance sheet theory to explain life/death. He said life is just like an account book, it record a lot of items (debit/credit) . In our life, when we done something good, something bring benefit to us & others, we gained Luck 福运 (debit). On the other hand, when we done something bad to others, we actually lost some Luck 福运 (credit). At the end, there will be major calculation on the luck 福运 we collected for the whole life (balance sheet). Then only detemine our next life goin to be.

Hope to have more chances to dialogue with Roger.



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