Respect people, respect ourself.

RESPECT  —n. 1 deferential esteem felt or shown towards a person or quality. 2 (foll. by of, for) heed or regard. 3 aspect, detail, etc. (correct in all respects). 4 reference, relation (with respect to). 5 (in pl.) polite messages or attentions (give her my respects). —v. 1 regard with deference or esteem. 2 a avoid interfering with or harming. b treat with consideration. c refrain from offending (a person, feelings, etc.).  in respect of (or with respect to) as concerns.  respecter n. [Latin respicio -spect- look back at]

We should respect people around us all the time, because we also wish that we can gain respect from them too. For me, I do not agree/accept all the action which will cause disrespect to others, such as:

1.    End the phone call without any prior notice (Very rude)

2.    Look down to other people due to their status, qualification

3.    Take advantages from others (try to cheat people)

4.    Try to think how to cheat people (already consider other is stupid)

5.    Ignore others phone call (even though it is a call from Boss)

6.    Ask people to do the thing that you resfuse to do

7.    Give other people the things which you do not want (unless in kind of donation)

8.    Think everyone need to respect you (nothing so great about you)

9.    Act like you are the most suffering people in the world

10.     Treat love as a games of life  (Who are you?)

There are many other action which will make other feel uneasy, disrespect. For eg. there is a business in Sealtle which make a good business by some trick to attract customer (especially male customer). They hire beautiful ladies to sell coffee. Maybe most of you think this is normal to hire ladies to sell coffee. Yes it is normal, but this coffee business in seattle is different from what you think. They ask the staff to wear sexy clothes (such like baristas sport hot-pink hot pants and tight white tank tops) to attract customer.

For me, this idea is a dishonour action to female group.  Do they think female only can do business with sexy outfit? Do they think male only will buy thing from female due to their sexy outfit? Click for the detail

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What is the basic moral level nowaday? I wonder…


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