Love = Hate, true?

Love = Hate? How can?

Love mean the care/afflection to someone, but hate mean the dislike to. Both stand at the opposition position. How come they will be equivalent to?


When we really think about it, is there any divider between Love & hate. When you don’t love a person, normally you will hate the person. When you don’t hate the person, sometime you will fall in love with that person too.

When love is gone, normally hate will come into picture. Love & hate => good friend! They always come to find the same person. When the person found love, he found hate at the same time. Is so ironic!

I think the you may agree with me when you see this picture.



2 Responses to “Love = Hate, true?”

  1. Chandraneel Says:

    It is opposite but at a middle point, where love & hate is zero, that zero point can be called a divider. It is matter of liking and disliking. I think u have experienced it.

  2. DSvT Says:

    Ya, you’re right.
    I reached there once. I do not hope to return back there again.


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