-Promise which I believe-

promise  —n. 1 assurance that one will or will not undertake a certain action etc. (promise of help). 2 sign of future achievements, good results, etc. (writer of great promise). —v. (-sing) 1 (usu. foll. by to + infin., or that + clause; also absol.) make a promise (promise not to be late). 2 (often foll. by to + infin.) seem likely (to) (promises to be a good book). 3 colloq. assure (I promise you, it will not be easy).  promise well (or ill etc.) hold out good (or bad etc.) prospects. [Latin promissum from mitto miss- send]

I’m glad that there are people promise something to me. I’m really happy on that… I’m not use to make promise to others, except 2 persons. I kept all my promise, and remind myself everyday. I’ll avoid all the possibilites to break my promise. So, I do not wish that people who make promise to me and they do not actually keep it. Haiz… Unfortunately, We’re not saint. Some people will break the promise with some reason “wat to do? if they keep on forcing me” << wtf, “nobody can force me to do the thing that do not wish todo” <<

If nobody can force you to do something, why you drink again… Do I do any mistake which lead you to do so? Do I? Please advise.

To all,

Next time, before you wish to make a promise, please make a achieveable promise or you can just put some expiry date on it. Thanks.



3 Responses to “-Promise which I believe-”

  1. LNT Says:

    It seems to some as though promises are something you are supposed to break. Most people try not to, but sometimes, you have promised something that you just cannot hold your self to.
    I don’t make promises. To anyone. I’ve learned that those few that i have broken, have had more impact on my life then if i would have held to the promise.

    and for the record- you are never supposed to miss your soul. That is the one thing that is supposed to be in your possession at all times.

  2. DSvT Says:

    Ya, correct.
    Promise is kinda a verbal kind of agreement. Once we make a promise, we need to maintain it. Otherwise, the magic of our promise will be gone forever.


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