-No Additional Value added-

Nowaday, people go for the foods which without any additional value (color…etc) added. Some people like to have some plain coffee without sugar or creamer… We all need something is pure, original, plain to maintain our healthy.

Beside foods, I think when we make friend, we shouldn’t add any value (hope, expectation… etc) on the particular person. agree with me? Friend is friend, is just another ordinary person you know who ready to help you anytime. Please bare in mind, friend always think their best to help us when-ever needed. “ready to help” & “try their best to help” doesn’t mean that they MUST help us. Some people thought that friend MUST help them when-ever they faced problem. This thinking is wrong, we must change immediately.

On the other case, everybody in the world will have their partner, wife, husband, girl/boy friend who they care about. Do you know, even they are someone special to you, but yet they’re individual person who live on the earth with their own spirit and soul… They’re your partner, wife, husband, girl/boy friend because of FATE. We can not expect them to do anything for us (unless is their own will). They do something for us mainly due to they love/care about us, but when they refuse to do something for us, it doesn’t mean they do not love/care about us. People just add too many expectation/demand onto their partner, wife, husband, girl/boy friend, this can make them run away from us. It is because Expectation on people = Stress/pressure we put on top our relationship. Friend, please stop to request your partner, wife, husband, girl/boy friend to do this and that for you, ok?

For me, I wish to have plain, pure friendship with everybody without any EXTRA value added.



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