-My Own Secret Recipe-

Not only cooking we need recipe… In life, there are many different recipe when we deal with others…

In my company there are many type of dishes… and there are unique recipe for all of them too. Some we need to cook slowly (need longtime negotiation), some need strong fire to fry it (need to shout at them), some need to boil (need consistent follow-up), some need to eat raw (accept only, no negotiation)… etc. I think I had equiped 60% of the total recipe…

In love, there more recipe to learn, some secret recipe need to discover, secret stage. But, I do not encourage people to use SEX as a tool for love. Making Love (sexual intercourse) doesn’t mean it create chemistry in love, sometime it destroy everything. Please do not think that you can win someone’s heart if you willing to have sex with them…


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