I think I talk about resignation of my colleague previously (Don’t at which blog)

24/Jan’07 – Another member of mine resigned from his post of R&D Engineer… His senior resign before him. For me, he do not dislike our company, but influence from his senior. His senior manipulate him and make him confuse —> then lead to resign…

Why I have Such thinking? Yesterday 26/Jan’07, I have some conversation with that senior of my member. Let’s address the senior as FL. FL worked for my company for more than 10 years. He can be consider as specialist for PCB designer. He started his business last year beginning, and he plan to resign in order to concerntrate to his business on Aug’06. He treat his boss as good friend (work under same department for 10 years), he decided to prior inform his boss on the resignation planning. He promise his boss that he will finish all the on hand job and will train a successor for the PCB design job. So, the actual date for leaving will be around Jan’07~Mar’07 (included 2 months notice). Everything just ok until the bonus distribution date… He got underpaid on the bonus, average of people got 2pts, but he only got 1.4 pts. He felt that he being betrayed by his boss. So, he take back all the promised items, he would not train any successor anymore. He still will finish all the on hand task until the notice is complete. Wow… Just like the movie, I think.

For me, the story should be already tell to my member which make him feel unsecure working under the same boss, so he resigned. Haiz…

For me is easy, We had been paid to work, and we work in order people continue to pay us. I dun really care anything about betray or royalty. Boss is boss, me is me… I finished my job without any mistake, that mean I had done my JOB WELL…. God will know all about this…

Today only 27/Jan’07, my company already lost 7 elite… Do not know who is the next… maybe is me tu?? hahaha…

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  1. Nicholas Says:

    This is normal every new year began.

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