I just not wise enough for this…

I always believe that there are 2 region… Black/White

Emm… Sometime I called, can’t reach (she consider I never call)… then I become lazy to call (coz all the time been taken by others… even EX also call her)… I let her have all the time to entertain others 1st lo…

I also can have my time to contact with my friends, web-friends… so on so fort… but she felt unhappy with that… Wat can I do? I need somebody to talk with but you’re not free to talk (You’re engaged… Nope, Digi said you’re engaged)…

When I received your latest photo… I keep it well… I tot I’m the only one who receive the photo (you mms to me)… but is not true… actually everybody do receive the same photo, even the photo posted at FS too… I tot I’m special but it is not… You had proved it to me…  Thanks.

Maybe you will felt sad while reading this… But is true from my heart… I really feel happy when I hear your voice… but at the same time I feel sad… becoz I’m not the only one who chatting with you… and I’m not the only one you think of…

Yes, maybe you may say “you also spend all the time with Agnes ma…” wat todo? She is my steady, your status is same as her… at least I can reach her everytime I need someone to talk to… and she spend all the time to think of me… how about you? You only cried when you know there are other girl surounding me… I can’t stop people to get near me, and I don’t… But do you think I’m happy when I knew that someone is chatting with you while Digi-operator informed me tat you’re engaged with other calls…

Haiz… I would like to cry… but can it solve the problem…?? I don’t think so… When you require some space for yourself, at the same time, Can I have mine, please?



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