Actually… Emmm… How to say ha…

Sometime… I dunno whether what I had done so far was right or not… I maybe brilliant at all of the field… but I’m stupid/slow in love matter… I used to follow the voice in heart…

Year 1998, My heart told me that you’ll love this girl… and I confess to Agnes… From that year till now… She is my girlfriend… I love her very very much…

Year 2006, Once again… my heart tell me that I’ll love a girl… And then she appear infront of me… and she love me so much… We come together after few months chatting…

Now, Year 2007… at da same time, I got 2 important people in my life… Both of them care about me… I love both of them too…

I only can say “I love both of you, Thank for care/love to me!”



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