1st Message of 2007…

There are so many things happen in year 2007… Good things, bad things… tonnes of them…

I get knew with the 2nd important people in my life… We love each other… Tonnes of story appear in between… At last, yet we’re one! We are still in contact… Forever…

I go thru the tougher time of my life… I faced the most tension/stress in my work… I been thru all the hustle bustle of work… I fighted with my Boss, then I be good with Him again… And I obtained the chance to go Japan in July’07 (4 Months)…

There are so many tiny little things happened in year 2006 which make Alan become a better person… I understand myself more… At least Alan still honest to everyone he knew… Especially to those special one…

For those special one (actually only 2 person), I want to say ” I love you!”



One Response to “1st Message of 2007…”

  1. Antonio Says:

    Very nice site! Good work.

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