26/Nov (Sunday) – At Sushi King,KL

25/Nov,night (After OT work)

Agnes was sick, Fever + Headache. But, the reason why she sick is, me–>Alan. I make her felt sick by what I’d done.

She asked me “Do you still think of her?” “NO!” answered by me.

She asked me “Do you love her now?” “Emm… Not sure…” I can’t bluff her on this… yes, I cant…

We carry on the conversation until morning…

26/Nov Raining day, at sushi king, low yat plaza, KL

I called her again… She is working on sunday, she went for lunch+high tea with a “idiot” (let’s us address her ad idiot from now on). High tea with idiot is no problem with me at all.

She told me that she feel tired, not enough sleep. I asked “Why?”. The answer from her really make me shock, she answer “tat idiot lo, ask me to drink coffee/tea with him until 26/Nov morning 05:00am.” Wow… 5am in de morning, so geng! I felt resentful of rivalry in love. I know maybe she treat idiot as normal,ordinary friend… but why she need to entertain idiot all the time? becoz of idiot is her manager? becoz tat idiot girl-friend is not around at sbh? or becoz of … she in love with him dy?

So many question had pop out in my mind, I cant taste anything serve in front of me… In my mind, I think “I’m sufferin on our replationship problem at the moment u’r enjoyin coffee with him” I’m so stupid, Alan was so useless…

I cant think much on this issue, and oso not my right to think abt it… I’m still one of the sinner in tis issue…

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One Response to “26/Nov (Sunday) – At Sushi King,KL”

  1. バー クラー Says:

    Yeah I’m useless after all… I confirmed this 26/Dec’06

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