When Devil Met Angel

There are some many possibility that an angel can met with the evil one… Is not strange at all.. It happened again and again around you but you never notice…

When devil see angel, he will scare of the light of angel… too bright & can cause him become blind instantly… but devil just can resist to look at angel face… even though he know he might lost many things in return, but he still willing to go near to angel…

He wish to be together with angel, he know if he do this… all the other will hate him…

He can’t explain why he have such thinking… but he know he can’t live without her…

msg from helleg-penta.jpg

One Response to “When Devil Met Angel”

  1. バー クラー Says:

    Devil maybe can’t live without her,
    but Angel can live without him. and live quite well without him.

    Go back to hell, dude!

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