Sometime, we need to share…

“Sharing” <– A very good term for everybody…

We need to share out our happiness with others, at the same time we need to share our problem with others too… Share the problem doesn’t mean that you’re throwing the problem to others… NO… You need others advice on the way to solve the problem…

Many of us used to keep all the problem to ourselves, scare of been known by the others… I got a friend (best friend) is going todo surgery soon, but she refuse to let everyone know abt it except me… This make me felt tension… Should I inform her boyfriend/family abt this? As a friend’s promise, I shouldn’t do this… But If anything happened during operation of surgery, nobody will know about it… her place is too far for me to go there…

….., Please inform them on this, ok? They have their right to know that.


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