Which dimension do I live in?

Why life is full of cheating/lie/unfair/so dirty…?

Why everybody knew that is wrong todo it… but yet continue…

I got a friend, she start to work and she got promotion very very fast, faster than expected… in my mind, she must be a very smart girl, apo then why she can promoted so soon… I always wish to be like her, work smart… got promoted… work smoothly… But everything crumbled down when I knew that she is so successful becoz she is her boss mistress (aiya…) why? She can work very well ma… why she do this? Just becoz she dun want to work more years to get promoted to the position which she sat now… become boss mistress is the short-cut to there…

Another case, got a girl, she always thought she told me a lot of thing and treat me as a very very close friend to her… but all I can say, she hide a lot of thing from me, she even lie to me sometime (I guess…)… yet she act like I’m wrong coz I choose not to believe in her… Am I wrong? You’re hiding something from me, and yet you claimed that I’m guilty to leave you… This is a circle of trust… without trust, everything will be meaningless… I trusted you from deep of my heart, even my gf also angry with me on this, but at your side, do you really tell me the truth? Why you said “You’re very important to me… I need your support!” all the time, yet you don’t want to let me know many of the details…

I started to re-consider my principal again… Is that correct to choose to believe in our friend/love one… If I fully trust them, how manythings is actually I knew about them? How to trust a people who is hiding fact from you? how?

I need a new life…

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One Response to “Which dimension do I live in?”

  1. thomasjohn Says:

    If I am honest, then I have the right to expect others to be honest. If I am kind, then I can expect to be treated kindly. When I observe others’ failures and sins I can use it in a positive way. Their wrongs, though they may hurt or offend me, can help me to see if I am the person I believe I am. And if I see the virtues in me that I expect in others, then I can live in peace with the most important person that matters . . . myself. (Virtually are distresses are a frame of mind.)

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